sustainable fertiliser pellets

Regional and sustainable fertiliser pellets

Fertiliser pellets made from 100% regional sheep’s wool made in Germany.

Your sustainable slow-release fertiliser for:
Garden | Shrub and tree planting | Ornamental plants | Vegetable growing | Herbs

All advantages at a glance:
-pure natural product, plastic-free packaging
-long-term effect
-water storage
-continuous and optimal nutrient supply
-soil improvement (also for potted plants)
-old tried and tested and new design
-practical to use
-non toxic for pets



The Westfalen Wolle fertiliser pellets are made of 100% sheep’s wool, which was not suitable for processing into knitting wool. The raw wool is pressed into handy pellets by a small family business in NRW without the addition of chemicals.
The pellets are ideal as a sustainable fertilizer for your garden, as pure wool stores a lot of water. So the pellets not only deliver important nutrients to your plants, but also provide them with the right amount of moisture.
These wool pellets are a pure natural product and thanks to them, no raw material is wasted or disposed of, but used sustainably.
I wish you a lot of fun with your gardening! I would be very happy if you share your successes with us on Instagram or Facebook.
Kind regards

Sheepskin fertiliser pellets

Sheepskin fertilizer pellets

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